Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Poor, Neglected Blog.....

Seasons greetings to everyone! I have been terrible about updating my blog lately. There is really no reason for this horrid neglect, other than I am a single parent right now. Bruce is deployed to Qatar for six months. He has been gone almost two months and will be returning in early May. We have been visiting my family in Mobile, AL for a while now. We arrived on November 22nd and we will be flying back to AK on January 29th. I have a good many pictures on my camera that I will share soon. For now, here are just a few shots from Christmas.

Averie and Hailey were given play high heels for Christmas. Here is Hailey with Andrew and Austin. Notice Andrew and Austin are sporting the high heels!!
The crew sitting at the kitchen table playing with Austins new train set! These boys LOVE trains!!!!
Andrew and Averie looking super cute on Christmas Eve!!



Tara Harden said...

Love all the new pics!!!!

#19 said...

You haven't made a new entry in a long time, hope things are going well!!!

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Anonymous said...

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james said...

you've got lovely kids there.
is your husband in the army or what?

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Teacher said...

I found your blog by accident and I like it, you have such a sweet family. Andrew and Averie are so sweet and lovely. God bless all of you.
please have a good time and may Bruce come back soon :)

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